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The Social Agenda of Positive Thinking


The Social Agenda of Positive Thinking

Today as I walked out of the little room that’s called the office that’s located inside the big room that’s called the building that’s located inside the giant room that’s called Tel Aviv that’s located inside the imperceptible room that’s called modern living I browsed through the tiny room that’s called my iPhone and read that a giant research found out that Pessimists get sick less and have a 10 years higher life expectancy that Optimists. Without entering the question whether I’m optimistic about the chances of the research’s findings to be reconfirmed as genuinely correct, one can say that the findings made me very happy, and made me optimistic to a degree, to a great degree if to be accurate, to a degree that is great to a life threatening degree, if to follow the research’s findings, with regards to the evolvement of matters in the realm of the social agenda of positive thinking. You see – in medieval times, when they threw the witches into the water, and they didn’t drown, and then they called at them with a megaphone from the lifeguard’s hut “Ah-ha! You didn’t drown, which is a sign you’re a witch, which is a sign we’re going to burn you!’ and then they put them on a bonfire in the city plaza and burned them – then the city people didn’t say to their local witch while she was waiting on the bonfire “look, if you’d think more positively perhaps you wouldn’t be burned now”. No. The medievals let their girls burn in quiet, respectably. Why? Because people once had compassion. There was simply compassion. Or for example- when Stalin made the great purge. So yes, millions of people were murdered, tortured, sent to labor camps, it’s not something you can hide under the rug, at least not without having a few protrusions. But did Stalin come to the gulags and tell his forced labor workers “look, if you’d think positively perhaps you wouldn’t be purged”? No. And why not? Because Stalin was too busy? Too preoccupied? Too active? No. If Stalin had wanted, believe me, he would have found the time to get to the gulags and lecture to his prisoners about positive thinking. But Stalin didn’t do that. Why? That’s right. Because Stalin had compassion. Yes. People back then had compassion. I’m very optimistic about that era.


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