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Pluto’s Moon


Pluto's Moon

Wow. So that’s what the lobby of the new residential tower in the old centre of Tel Aviv looks like. A ball the size of one of Pluto’s moons hung over the night guard’s head. I don’t tend to read texts, unless they’re actual texts, I mean, but this specific text kind of tickles the eyeball. What is it trying to say, the positioning of the ball? I say, just as a text reading munch, that the positioning of the ball tries to make a stance about the saying who would guard the guards. Who would guard the guards? In our residential tower no one needs to guard the guards. Our guards are A Okay. Our guards would guard the tower with utmost responsibility. You don’t need to guard our guards to such an extent that to prove and exemplify the point we would expose them to real, continual and pompous threat. “An astroid passed today very close to earth and continued on its way. Pluto’s moon, on the other hand, collided today into the guard of the new residential tower. The guard protected earth with his body, absorbed the hit and prevented a major disaster. Needless to say the new residential tower could not have gone on existing had earth been canceled all of a sudden. The new residential tower’s management company would like to express its deep gratitude to the squashed guard and to send condolences to his family. The sharp eyeballed would surely notice that another, new, reading of the text has sneaked in. That’s it. Here it’s already the end of the text, would notice some of the sharp eyeballed. 


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