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Filleting Citrus Fruits


Filleting Citrus Fruits

Another day of Passover cooking with aunt Maya and at this point I’m already addicted. The thing I got addicted to the most is at the top left. Aunt Maya called it “filleting citrus fruits” and I thought it was a joke, but it turns out that filleting citrus fruits with a sharp knife is filleting indeed and furthermore – it is an experience of self filleting. Taking the better parts out of a large pile of citrus fruits, apparently, takes the best out of you. Concentration, patience, studiousness, perseverance, calmness, peace, pleasure, accuracy, expertise, complete detachment from life’s troubles – you fillet all these, put in a large bowl, cover and put in the fridge. After each filleted citrus fruit you are left with another excellent thing: an organic multi cell folder for filing and storage of little precious objects (the thing I’m holding in my hand). You can use it to file very small bills, very small old love letter, very small dried citrus fruit seeds or any other very small thing you can think of, including even income tax files of magical and very small fairies. After filleting, say, 5 pomelos, 4 red grapefruits, 2 yellow grapefruits and 6 oranges, you’ll be left with 17 multi cell and colorful folders and you’d be able immediately, without delay, to open a colorful, perfectly organic and perfectly small office and enjoy over a cup of tea, in the company of your very small customers, the organizational fruits of filleting the citrus fruits.


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