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Double Matress


Double Matress

On the way on my bicycle I stopped and took a picture of this walking mattress and then the guy put the mattress down and looked at me from afar. It’s not exactly an exemplary behavior, Rachel, I thought, to take a picture of a person and not offer any help. So I came closer with my bicycle and we put the mattress on it in the middle and walked like that for 3 or 4 blocks. On the way, while the guy is holding the mattress and the handlebars from one side and I from the other and every now and then we reach a dead end and I apologize to the people “sorry, we’re shooting an independent Tel Aviv film here only without actually shooting it”, the guy told me about all the stuff he’s going through, about his excelling in a certain field, and the army that made him go astray, and the broken family, and about the sadness, and about this week in which he’s starting anew, and about the advices he got, and this guy is almost a baby, a hunk that just sprout out of the military service and came to conquer Tel Aviv, reveals to me through his words while walking that not with the mattress he needs help but apparently with this thing called life, and I am ashamed on the other side of the mattress, about the barriers that grew in number with the years, about the fact that I wouldn’t tell him on a 3 blocks walks everything that needs advices on my side of the mattress, and when we get to the destination he puts the mattress down, and I feel that what the barrier and the sliding wheels allowed this unexpected and barrier free conversation of ours to become cannot go on existing the same way now that the barrier was lifted, because my attention blossomed and felt protected thanks to the partition, and that only through a miracle tonight on the very same street were found both a double mattress and someone who’s looking for someone who can listen.


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