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You Threw Us Away Like Old Socks


You Threw Us Away Like Old Socks

There’s something really passive aggressive about old worn out socks and underwear. Every once in a while I find the courage to throw away a few despite the commandment “respect thy elder socks and rubber free underpants from the end of the 90’s fashion line”. Every once in a while I also find the nobility within me to abstain from washing any laundry for a consecutive two weeks and then find myself a moment before going out on an important date facing an empty socks and underwear drawer. Ah-ha, the socks and underwear complain from the grave, if you hadn’t rushed so much to throw us away you wouldn’t be in such trouble now. Friends, I say, I didn’t rush, I waited for a whole decade, and besides, logic says all I have to do in order to avoid getting into trouble again is to go into the nearest supermarket and buy a few new pairs of socks. Our dear friend, the deceased socks complain, experience teaches us that even when you have a thousand new pairs of socks you would still wait with the laundry for the last minute and count on us, the rejected and forgotten, to come and save you. Unfortunately we can no longer come and save you, because you threw us away! Yes, our darling, you threw us away like old socks.

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