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Vitold Piletzcky


Vitold Piletzcky

A faraway friend from another country wrote excitedly on Facebook about the moon tonight. I wrote a comment, and we agreed that the moon is something we share. I was immersed so deeply in moving my movie frames one step to the left one step to the right on the editing screen that I forgot there’s an outdoors in the world. After much toil I went out to the porch and saw the moon and remembered, and indeed it’s big and shining tonight. Yesterday, very late at night, I read about Vitold Piletzcky, the only person who ever volunteered to infiltrate Auschwitz as a prisoner in order to smuggle information to the outside world. He spent 3 years in Auschwitz and survived it and during his imprisonment he smuggled information to the outside world and unionized the prisoners. He ended up being tortured and executed later in life by the communists. Neil Armstrong died this week, the first person to have stepped on the moon. Every child knows his name. About the outstanding, first and only man ever to have volunteered to step in hell, I have never heard till yesterday. Sometimes there’s something indifferent about the full moon shining at nights. As if it’s looking back at those who look at it from planet earth but doing so indifferently. Indifferent to the exciting human history of the first man walking on the moon. Equally indifferent to the forgotten superhuman history of Vitold Piletzcky.

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