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The Pioneer Plate


The Pioneer Plate

I think we should make sure to instruct people regarding the Pioneer Plate considering the fact that it was sent on behalf of the entire world population. After all, we wouldn’t like an alien to land in a front yard somewhere in Alabama and ask the husband who’d be busy mowing the lawn excuse me sir but I didn’t quite get the two connected circles with the line at the top and the husband would walk into the house and ask his wife who’d be painting the wardrobe and would have no idea what it is and she would call her best friend from high school who’d be stuffing a pumpkin and wouldn’t know what it is and she would call her husband who’d be piling up beer boxes and wouldn’t know what it is and he would call the radio show An Answer to All Questions and they would be playing the last song for today and all this while the alien would have to wait outside standing like some waiter and this taken that he would have any legs at all and when the husband would come back outside and tell the alien that he’s sorry but he didn’t manage to find out the answer the alien would insist and say you see I just wonder whether what you meant here was two electrical plates that you use to make two French Crepes in parallel with or you meant radiation emission from a hydrogen atom and the husband would shrink his forehead and scratch his chin and think real hard and eventually would say look I guess that the truth as always is somewhere in the middle.


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