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The Municipality Employee


The Municipality Employee

Today I drove into a village and the first person who greeted me was a turtle who was crossing the road. At first I mistook him for a dweller of the fields or an escaping prisoner from the local kids’ zoo. But as the waiting grew longer it became clear to me that I’m looking at a municipality employee. A devoted employee, one of a kind, one who walks his mind, who was chosen for the position thanks to his willingness to be the change he wishes to see in the world. Upon your arrival to the village, slow down. Stop for a few moments and look around. You weren’t wrong. This is not Tel Aviv. You must be recalling quotes from the books and thinking “Ah-ah – the rhythm here is different”. Wrong. The other in this story is your rhythm. A fruit takes so an so to ripen. A goat takes so and so to give birth. A municipality employee of the tortoise kind takes so and so to cross the road. While you’ve been waiting you may have heard children’s voices – they too will have to cross the road safely. It takes so and so to grow up, to stop running around, to sit down in the car, to move to Tel Aviv. That’s it, I reached the other end. Thank you for your attention, always at your service. Slow down, and enjoy your stay.

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