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The Mandala in the Sky


The Mandala in the Sky

Yesterday was one of the prettier days this year. Like the habit of pretty days, and actually also like the opposite habit of gray days, the quality of the light sneaked in the morning through the slit that’s underneath the porch’s curtain to the slit that’s underneath the eyelids and from there straight to the sleeping brain, to report to it about the quality of the day that is forming outside. When I got up I was in a particularly beautiful mood and that was before I opened the curtain to see the beauty of the day. Towards sunset I went for a bicycle ride on the promenade and found a dreamy light blue silvery sea that seemed to have been processed for a movie about an imaginary planet. The sunset kept ripening and its shape was special and appropriate for the end of such a day. When I approached the port and then the northern promenade I passed as if over a well spaced fence over a long series of people who had stood still to shoot the sunset, to take some of it home. I also shot the sunset, again and again, staring with the eye of my camera’s lens at the big orange eye with the eyelashes in the sky. I never could understand how can the Buddhist monks draw their beautiful sand mandalas and then destroy them in order to practice perceiving nature as ephemeral. I would never be able to destroy a beautiful piece I created. And furthermore. I also was one of those people who stood there, on the promenade, to capture with their cameras the beautiful ephemeral painting that nature, the Buddhist monk, creates and destroys every single evening on the canvas that’s spread over the sea.

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