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The Lightning Ecstasy


The Lightning Ecstasy

After our trip to Ramat Hanadiv I suggested we go the the Alexander River mouth to take photos of raging lightning storms deep in the sea. Frogs croaking in our ears and wild flashes in our eyes, we moved along the river and towards the sea as our fingers ceaselessly shoot photos. There’s something about the meeting point of Digital Photography, iPhone and Facebook that brings out in you everything that cannot find satisfaction and rest in the human soul. For heaven’s sake, I thought, Rachel, leave the camera, breath deep, immerse in the life that’s bustling around you. But I couldn’t. The electricity in the air translated itself into the ecstasy of a hunter. It’s difficult to hunt for lightnings in the iPhone’s camera. After every lightning a thunder comes, and we, after each and every evasive lightning and lightnings’ web groan “Oh!”, “Wow!”, “Gosh!”, “Eh!”, “Damn!”, “I can’t believe it!”. Later, when the storm receded, we tried to shoot a deserted and decayed pier in the sea. Last lightnings flashed far away every now and then. We stood and waited for one last lightning to light the pier, the iPhone raised in the right angle. We stood still for quite a while, motionless, without changing position, to no avail, and looked quietly at the black sea going back and forth. The lightning hunt ecstasy caught us at the height of the storm and it was hard to tell who was hunting and who was being hunted. And as the storm receded, as we stood in front the dark pier, the camera changed roles and began teaching us the supreme tranquility of the fisherman.


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