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The Evil Eye


The Evil Eye

At 7am I got up, went to look at the mirror and found out that the allergy in the eyelid from yesterday hasn’t disappeared but grown bigger. I decided to go back to sleep in order to wake up symmetrical again and when I got up at noon I took a snick peek at the mirror and found out that the allergy from the morning hadn’t disappeared but the eye had. As fortunately you cannot see in the picture the entire area of the eye looked at this point like a soccer stadium. Since I’m not a great soccer fan I decided to get the sunglasses from the car and turn with their aid to the day’s chores. A little concern that bothered me was how I was going to walk the way to the car without being bothered on the way by the cheers of the soccer fans. Indeed not a small concern, but worrying about the car prompted to the front a much more fundamental worry – will the way lead to something that may be defined as a car? In the eye of the storm I forgot that I parked the car in an area designated for night parking only and meant to move it at 7am. Ready and willing to pay 500 NIS for towing report and finish the whole eye affair with dignity I went on my way. As I was walking I pondered about all the allergenic and non allergenic things I could have bought with 500 NIS and also took great care not to bump into any familiar faces. It should be noted that the familiar faces took extra care on their behalf as well. Cute, red, silent and explicitly non towed my car sat where I had left it the night before and winked at me with great fondness. Conclusion: The evil eye does not give one the evil eye.


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