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The Cleaning Lady’s Visit


The Cleaning Lady's Visit

The cleaning lady’s visit was declared a great success and now we’re opening the house for tours to the general public. The most popular tour, in the spirit of the famous London ghost tours, is called “horrors from the past” and has 5 stops. On stop 1, Under the Sink , we’ll hear how the cleaning lady had to use the aid of a team Archaeology students to expose the original floor. On stop 2, The Spices Shelf, we’ll learn how originally spices were used to keep pests away from man’s food but later on dust was used to keep man away from the spices. On stop 3, Near the Door, we’ll learn about a felt production workshop that used to exist in place and we’ll experiment with artistic dust compression underneath the doorline. On stop 4, Below the Couch, we’ll hear hair-raising stories about murderers, thieves and rapists that used to hide deep in the dreadful dust forest that used to thrive in past days between the sofa and the wall. On stop 5, our last stop, we’ll hear an inspiring and optimistic story about a blooming mulberry tree that was surprisingly discovered through what has surprisingly turned out to be a window glass and then finish our tour with juice and cookies that were hermetically closed until the visit of the cleaning lady.



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