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Strawberries in Cream


Strawberries in Cream

If there’s one thing I regret in life it’s not eaten having more strawberries in cream while me and milk were still friends. Yes, of course I regret things I’ve said, things I haven’t said, things I’ve done, things I haven’t done, roads I’ve taken, roads I haven’t taken, what I wore for the year photo, what I wore for the year photo, but there’s no regret in this world that strawberries in cream, the sweet delicacy of the gods, cannot abate, except the regret I haven’t eaten more of them when I still could. I will say further to whoever is still hanging out in the milk’s close circle of friends: the sweet and delicate taste of strawberries in cream is the sweet taste of missing an oppurtunity. I know, it may seem unlikely, but missing an oppurtunity, which is so sour in retrospect, is sweeter than honey a priori. A spoon full of strawberries in cream, a bowl full of strawberries in cream, a laundress tub full of strawberries in cream, a whole napa valley up to its neck in strawberries in cream – all these are so sweet specifically because the potential of missing an oppurtunity is embodied in them. Why missing an oppurtunity? Because there is no quantity of strawberries in cream a person can eat in the present that would compensate for his loss of ability to eat strawberries in cream in the future. Why sweetness? Because the strawberries in cream sweeten the present especially so that the future would mourn their loss. And why regret? Because there is no degree of understanding of the devious behavior of strawberries in cream that can prevent me from regretting the moments they didn’t fool me in the past.



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