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Sea, Lake or River


Sea, Lake or River

There was a time I used to ask people where would they prefer to live. By the sea, by a lake or by a river. I didn’t have a clear answer of my own. I think I asked people in order to sail among the answers, to debate among the certainties, to imagine a possibility of a perfect reality and to escape, over imaginary currents, the painful understanding that it’s impossible. From lake, to sea. From sea, to lake. From lake, to river. From river, to sea. A perfect life state doesn’t exist. Lately I discovered the Alexander river. A charming river, full of tortoises, birds, eucalyptuses and reeds. When I walked along the river to the mouth I found out that where it was supposed to meet the sea it took several curves and then faded into the white sand and disappeared. The joy over the convergence of the sea and the river met a great gentleness, the quietude of a river that infiltrated to the groundwater reservoir and cleared room for the sound of the waves. It’s not a perfect place. This place also will change too much with time, or not enough. This river also will become fatigued. On this visit the place made a perfect remark about the question I once used to ask. A sea can meet a river. A river can choose to disappear. A lake can live inside the rock in the ground. Water doesn’t subdue itself to the utopian inclination of human beings.

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