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One Moment + Five Minutes


One Moment + Five Minutes

On the way to a lunch meeting it becomes clear to me that the five minutes faster in the car clock and in the iPhone clock don’t manage to prevent me from being late. If to be frank for one moment+five minutes, they never did. Furthermore, instead of making me a respectable and timely person they encourage me to develop a sneaky character of a bead and fabric peddler in the Old City market. You’re 10 minutes fast. No Rachel, I’m 5 minutes fast, that’s how you set me. Know what, 8 minutes, we’ll meet you half way. Rachel, it won’t work, I’m five minutes fast, one of us is being realistic and it isn’t you. Ok, common, 6.5 minutes and let’s close a deal, you’ll see you made an excellent bargain. Rachel, I’m 5 minutes fast and not one second more and you’ll be 10 to 15 minutes late if you go on harassing your watch instead of looking for parking. So the thought now is to approach the whole thing from a slightly different angle. Instead of shifting the clock forward in 5 minutes, shifting it forward in 24 hours. I’ll arrive at lunch meetings a day early. I’ll have time to rest, think, hang out a bit, see the place. Sleep a little, get a bite to eat before lunch, be late of course, but this time be late in comfort, not in an atmosphere of distress like the days I used to move my clock 5 wretched minutes faster, this time – be late like a queen.


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