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Nostalgia Pill


Nostalgia Pill

I’m now watching Woody Allen’s wonderful Radio Days. The stuff that these people are wearing, good lord. Green with brown with orange. Checkers the size of the moon. Formica shirt collars. You can’t believe it’s happening to you and yet everything is so beautiful. It’s as if the whole movie fell into a maple syrup bowl of nostalgia, which of course is an amazing pleasure. And what’s the conclusion? The conclusion is that it’s time to drop, ladies and gentlemen, positive thinking, natural juices, self fulfillment, empowerment, acceptance, an apple a day, yoga, aerobics, emotional intelligence, dark chocolate, serotonin inhibitors, past life regression, morning diaries, mother nature, sound therapy, it’s time to cut it out and just develop a pill you take every morning with your chocolate milk: a nostalgia pill. Not nostalgia for what already was, but nostalgia for what will be. The boss will scream at work today? Ah, yes, I remember it, his face will get so red… Israel will attack in Iran today? Ah, yes, I remember it, it will be so spine-tingling and wonderful, how we will go down to the shelters, and wouldn’t know whether Israel even still exists… The bank account might be confiscated today? Ah, that will become one of the most powerful memories, a defining moment, wow, years, years will pass before we’ll be able to say that years, years have passed since the bank account will be confiscated today… Ah… simply aches the heart, so sweet, what is about to happen today…

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