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Mr. Orange, Mr. Yellow and Mr. Orange-White


Mr. Orange, Mr. Yellow and Mr. Orange-White

I’m still recovering from one of the most shocking experiences an afternoon can summon for a soft hearted daughter of Eve. For several days now I’ve been pondering where can I move my gorgeous three fish so that their life would be more fulfilling – to a hotel’s aquarium wall, to a Japanese garden pool, perhaps to a Russian oligarch’s house. In the middle of making plans I passed by to greet the three and a horrendous sight I shan’t forget for many days was revealed to my eyes. Mr. Yellow swimming about, his face covered with the peaceful friendly expression that is so typical of psychopaths of the worst kind, and at his back, on the bottom of the aquarium, lying what under any other circumstances would have been identified as a crumb that fell off an opening course in a Japanese restaurant, but in the absence of three quarters of the house dwellers could not but be identified as the remains of the desecrated body of Mr. Orange-White. It turns out that while I was searching for a better world for my little friends, Mr. Yellow the cannibal has decided that better is not good enough and that the residents deserve to move to a world that is all good, through the agency of his own private stomach. Cute, I called him. Cute and little, I told everyone. I now recall that already in the store there was something suspicious about this guy, something incoherent about the expression of the fins, yet, alas, something inside me preferred to deny, to ignore. Cute, I called him. Cute and little, I told everyone. Not little and not cute. Really really not cute.

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