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Insomnia Travel Log


Insomnia Travel Log

Insomnia Travel Log. June 11th 2012. The sky is as black as death again. On our journey we have reached the area of the sink tonight, to make ourselves useful since our journey has gone so lengthy. Exotic plates welcomed us with cheers on the sink shore. Following them trudged combatant pots, anointed from bottom to top with dirt. We showed the inside of our pockets and as a gesture of good will exposed the many ornaments in our possession – colorful glasses, little mirrors, hairpins, carved beads. The plates and the pots, more savage than Adam the first man, attacked the content of our pockets as if finding great loot. Thus, while they dealt with infantile fights and arguments about the division of the fortune, we could unabruptly take over the sink, enforce law and order, and finally go to sleep. A few more nights like this and the apartment in its entirety will be annexed to the territories of his royal highness. May the sleep of our beloved ones faraway on the continent be sweet – on our travels we are close to redeeming many thousands of savages from their corrupt way.


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