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Exotic Chips


Exotic Chips

I opened a pack of exotic chips to offer my cute guests when suddenly I realized the exotic chips challenges not only the experience of the colorfulness of the chips but also the experience of the chips itself. And why so? Because if, let’s say, we’d put in front of a person X two bowls, one with exotic chips, the other with the dried perfumed leaves that work at sitting in the little baskets next to sinks in bathrooms, person X, who at this point wouldn’t be so sure anymore he is X and not Y, would not be able to tell the two apart. Now. An X/Y person with a fondness for conspiracy theories would surely suggest that while you believed all along that the exotic chips was picked from an exotic plant and peeled and cut into shreds inside an exotic coconut tree shed and fried in vegetarian exotic whale oil before it was packed by gentle yet firm and exotic hands and sent to us to the lands of the cold, in fact the journey of the chips started in a bathroom of an industrious and economical housewife from one of London’s suburbs, who noticed the leaves had lost their scent, collected them and sent them in for a pre fixed price to a factory in Portsmouth, where the leaves were united with their brothers the other veteran British leaves, fried, dried, seasoned in Atlantic salt, packed and sent to those areas around the globe where there’s no risk of bumping into people of exotic origin. Now.


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