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Today was an exceptionally quality day. Although I reached the car too late in the morning it wasn’t towed and to show my gratitude I would like to donate 600nis to the association for towing stroke victims. Later on I went to do a thyroid blood test which is always scheduled for the early morning of the day before yesterday so that whoever wants to check whether his sleep patterns have gone wrong because of the thyroid would never manage to wake up for the test. Later on I went to the office and spent long hours in moving into an excel table a large body of data that I wrote on word and that any person who passed a first year class in using his little box would have put the data in excel in the first place. I truly excelled. Later on Moshe and Ludmila brought me back my computer, formatted from scratch and working so fast that a concern arose that they may have to format me too so that the computer wouldn’t pack his stuff and leave. Later on I took my car for cleaning and it was so dirty that when the cleaner came in with a rag through one of the doors he mistakenly thought that he had stepped out and immediately left through the other door. Later on I wrote a very orderly paragraph where all the sentences begin with later on and didn’t know how to finish it so rabbit. Later on I apologized for the rabbit and explained that it was a way to close a sentence without bothering the cow. Later on I apologized also for the cow and explained that I had a super duper quality day and so if I slack a little at the end it’s not like I’m breaking a vow.

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