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Emergency Equipment Store


Emergency Equipment Store

On the way back from Rehovot I passed in a store for emergency equipment to buy a solar charged radio and some other stuff, not because I think there’ll be war between Israel and Iran after all, but, if to put it really accurately, because I don’t not think there won’t not not be a war between Israel and Iran. And of course also because if there’s one thing I love more than unnecessary gadgets it’s a convincing and elegant looking excuse to buy unnecessary gadgets. Appropriately enough for an emergency equipment store the stockkeeper wasn’t there, no hardcopy catalogue existed, the internet worked by its own whim, the front door was locked and a sixth sense was required to guess the adjacent door was related, the shopkeeper was immersed deep in one of the dream sleep stages, half of the online catalogue equipment was missing, and the only thing that ticked like a clock in the entire complex was a series of clocks set to Los Angeles-New York-London-Jerusalem-Beijing times that were hung in the office so the costumer can know in every given moment at which local time catastrophic disasters are taking place in each beloved capital. At first the experience was a little disappointing and cumbersome. It took some time until I escaped the morning fog, fathomed the owner’s way of thinking and realized the full grandness of the place. You see – in real and invaluable emergencies internets won’t work. Keys for doors won’t be available. Stockkeepers and their likes would be buried under avalanches. Halves of equipments that were preprepared will be missing for sure. A fondness for unnecessary gadgets could surely not find immediate gratification and immense strength of spirit shall be required to strain and refine it. What, then,is a responsible and professional emergency equipment store if not a store that prepares the customer for emergencies on the psychological and experiential level already in the first step he makes through the store? And on the way teaches him the correct current hour in Beijing?

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