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A Touch of Sea Salt


A Touch of Sea Salt

This thing was sitting for a month at the bottom of the chocolate pile – after all, who wants to eat salty chocolate anyway, you can’t go to the bank with pretentiousness and this is not what we gathered here for. When all the tasty chocolates were gone I said let’s give the hipster a shot and tried a cube. The speed in which the package was eradicated was measured and was 220 kph at its peak. And just like the Republican governor of New Jersey wasn’t afraid last week after Hurricane Sandy to tell everyone that Obama is a heck of a guy, I’m not afraid to say that chocolate with a touch of sea salt is a great invention. And since I’ve taken the risk that people would think that I crossed over to the pretentious’s camp, why not go with the flow and spice it up with a touch of kitsch. This chocolate is like waves that clash to the shore during a Caribbean sunset. This chocolate is like a Tropical storm that meets Arctic air and together they form a cloud shaped like a seal that’s fallen in love. This chocolate is like a kitten that hides among the leaves of a red rose that rests on a grand piano that’s immersed in a turquoise laguna. And so forth and so forth, to the best of your discretion with a pinch of salt.


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