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A Swarm of Beasts


A Swarm of Beasts

You wouldn’t believe the swarm of beasts that attacked me this morning. My whole body still shivers just of the thought. At first there was this dog. Big, black, huge red eyes of fire. Sheer horror! I felt my entire back stretching and quivering. Then, out of the nowhere, a Cobra sneaks up on me! Brrrrrrr. A giant head! The size of a human head. Closed eyes, tongue folded inside the mouth, ready for a venomous attack: Tssssssss! I hate Cobras! You’re stupid and wicked! And not so comfortable! And then, when I thought I might win a moment of silence and security, I hear a horrifying whisper: Locust. Locust! Why do I have to meet a Locust in the morning? Don’t I have enough troubles in life? Did I hurt someone’s soul bird? And then came a Crow and a Cat, Pinocchio’s cat and fox, two bastards, not to mention several trees that almost collapsed on me, not to mention the fish, oh, the fish – who would imagine that the fish, man’s relatively good friend, could be so sadistic? God, the entire body is still shivering, shrinking and expanding alternately. Electric currents pass through my shaken nerves. And the soul – oh, the soul – the soul cannot find peace. Cannot find an explanation. Who could imagine that of all places such calamity would would crush upon me in a Yoga for Beginners class?


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