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A Short Night Talk About Perspective


A Short Night Talk About Perspective

A short night talk about perspective. Me and Catalin, my Romanian guest from the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, meet in the kitchen to eat snacks before retiring to sleep. He says he moved a piece of furniture from the living room to the kitchen in order to sit down and I say I noticed and that I never sit down in the kitchen. I don’t like the view from the window. A rundown backyard with another building at the other end. Life is too short and it’s a shame to waste it on the backyard’s view when you can enjoy the view from the living room. Catalin says he enjoys the view from the kitchen here, there’s plays of light in the morning. I ask him what does his kitchen look like. He gets up and demonstrates. Here I have a window he says, and in front of this window there’s a wall. He lives in a Communist building the soldiers once built. Well, a wall right in front of the window – that definitely gives you some perspective. Now I understand that the view from my kitchen window is a view with perspective in comparison to Catalin’s view. And now that both I and Catalin have perspective we can go to sleep. Tomorrow they’re screening a lot of films at the festival. I have to remember to offer Catalin to make a student film festival on the wall inside his window.

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