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Connections Resembling Neural Networks Found Among Persimmons.


קשרים דמויי רשתות נוירונים בקרב האפרסמונים

A group of scientists reports a new discovery in the pioneer realm of persimmon research. The scientists, who have been following a tree in the centre of the country for three years, discovered that the persimmons sustain among themselves a spatial web of connections which bears a striking similarity to the famous neural networks . “As in every significant research, also here it is important not to jump to far reaching conclusions too fast,” says the head of the research team, Prof. Adi Feldman from the Man and Environment Institute in the Negev, “But certainly a serious question for the scientific community has been opened here regarding the possibility that the persimmons hold among themselves some sort of a communication, perhaps even form together some sort of an intelligent body. What is clear at this stage is that we have much more to learn from the persimmons. Perhaps even Yodeling”. 


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