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A Wall Set Free


a wall set free

Today an empty envelope that made all its way from Bratislava arrived at the office. The Bratislavans probably planned to put the following letter in the envelope “Hello. We meant to send you an invitation to submit films to a festival, or a thankyou note for something, or a bill for something, or a compilation of somethings, but we thought that since you actually aren’t aware of our existence, and since we would like you to be aware of our existence, and since the initial reason we would like you to be aware of our existence (if we forget about the festival and the compilation and the thankyou and the bill for a moment) is that if we stay alone at home and look at the white walls it won’t be in our favor, and since this is the state of things, then it is undesirable that we’d make you believe that the most important thing for us is that you’d be useful for us in any way or that we’d be useful for you in any way, and since it is so we decided to send you an envelope that contains nothing but a mutual acquaintance invitation”, but then the Bratislavans decided to give up the letter as well and send a white empty envelope, as white as a wall set free.


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