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The Disqualified Picture


התמונה שנפסלה

Today I collected photos of the family I handed for magnification in Rehovot Studios. They mistakenly enlarged the photo of grandpa and granny from an older file that hadn’t gone through photoshop. I let Lena know about the mistake and she reprinted from the right file. I put all the photos in the envelope, payed and looked from the corner of the eye at the defected photo that remained on the counter. My heart ached. It wasn’t grandpa and granny, but a photo of grandpa and granny. It couldn’t be grandpa and granny, because they are no longer among the living. It was a defected photo, a photo meant to be thrown into the trash bin and rightfully so. And still when I looked at grandpa and granny looking at me I felt I must not leave them there among strangers, especially now that they’re dead and cannot protect themselves. I collected my stuff, thanked Lena and went out, throwing the Fetishism attack into the trash bin. So many times I am yet to look at the printed and framed photo that will be hung on one of the walls, and move on to the day’s affairs. And of all photos specifically the photo that was ruled out, from among the enlarged stains, grandpa and granny’s look came out towards me today and called my heart to meet it half way.

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